3 amazing Bali waterfalls for you to visit right now.

It’s no fun when herds of humans stampede into nature all at once. There’s nothing natural about that. When panoramic views turn into tourist sites, the only sight you can see is the wannabe Instagram famous couple photo-bombing your shot. Get a room lovebirds (and a life), we just want to see mother nature’s wonders.

In Bali, there are some doper than dope waterfalls. Most tourists flock to the well-known ones like Tembungan, Sekumpul, and Gitgit. But there are plenty more that are just as luscious and fall far from people packed waterfall scenes.

Here are three waterfalls to check out before the mainstream tourists find out about them.


Photo by Nakarasido Hita

If you didn’t know, the hotline bling calls for all the adventure seekers to go to Aling-Aling. This waterfall is the definition of an adult playground. From sliding down a naturally built waterslide to cliff jumping, this is a haven for adrenaline junkies (get your GoPros ready). For those who are testing the waters with their risk-taking side, the first cliff is only five meters. We hope you’re not afraid of heights because the second two are just a bit higher: 10 and 16 meters. Don’t stand too close to the edge. While the hike to the falls should be considered a walk, a guide is recommended for your safety. This should cost no more than Rp 100k.

At the end of a very long pothole-filled road lays a hidden local gem. It’s basically the ultimate waterfall shower you’ve been dreaming of your entire life. Four distinct falls pound down black rocks that empty into a pool shaped pond. It’s refreshingly cold but you could stand there for hours and still not be accompanied by any other tourists. An odd local may come every now and again, but hey, at least you’ll have someone to snap a photo. While there is no entrance fee, there is a mandatory “donation” fee. Maybe one day they’ll learn that donations are optional.


Photo by Agus Devayana

When you’re ready to escape into Narnia, head over to Banyumala. A short hike down leads you into Tarzan swinging vines, rocks being brought to life by greenery, and blue translucent waters (perfect for swimming). It’s a place of complete serenity and a scene you don’t really have to share. Which means you’ll automatically be king of this jungle because not many people make it out here. After you bathe in tranquility, make sure to head back out to the main road for a breathtaking view of Lake Banyu. The cost for the waterfall is Rp 15k. Well, that’s for foreigners only, locals get in for free.

Nung Nung

Photo by Nora Carol Sahinun

When you follow the yellow brick road you end up in Oz, which is basically just as involved of a journey as following the 500 steps down to the magnificent Nung Nung waterfall (follow, follow, follow!). Just prep yourself (before you wreck yoooself) for the uphill battle. Trust us, the sweat droplets and bum toner is well worth it. These stairs scare off most tourists so you’ll be in the presence of two: you and yourself. You have to see it to believe it because Nung Nung is a powerhouse of a waterfall. It’s one of its kind here in Bali. Just follow, follow, and see all the wonderful things it does!

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